A co-working success in Phoenix

We developed the Workuity brand for a new coworking space in Phoenix, AZ. Together, the Workuity name and identity convey the company’s focus on creating extraordinary workspaces that combine the flexibility, community, and connectivity of a co-working facility with the sophistication that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups demand.

Within a year of launch, Workuity had opened up their second facility in Arizona.

The Workuity logo takes the notion of flexible desk spaces, whether a single desk or a full-size office, as the inspiration for a strong and distinct symbol for their inspiring work environments.

Working with the Workuity development team we designed the new Workuity website. The goal of the site was to drive engagement and lead conversion through easy to understand copy, engaging imagery and adherence to the Workuity visual identity system.
We created a range of digital and print materials for Workuity from stationery to marketing brochures.


1216 Broadway
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001