From Survival to Revival

Published April 16, 2020 By Martyn Tipping

What’s next for brands?

The economic impact of COVID-19 has frozen many brands in their tracks. Messages and campaigns that struck a chord a few short weeks ago, now feel hollow or mismatched to our new reality. Marketing budgets have been slashed, innovation programs have been halted, and voices have been silenced. It’s a natural response to an existential threat. But it’s not a sustainable one.

At some stage, brands will have to switch their focus from survival to revival. They will look to rebound, albeit cautiously. And in many cases they will need to rebrand, because they cannot simply return to “business as usual.”  Almost all brands will need to redefine their promise to customers/consumers, reevaluate their voice and messaging, and reshape the experiences they deliver.

Of course, nobody knows with certainty what life beyond lockdown looks like, or about how people will behave in a post-pandemic world. But that hasn’t stopped people sharing their visions for a new utopia, dystopia and every shade in between. We want to share some of these ideas with you, and talk about their implications for brands, business, and the brave new world we find ourselves in. We hope you find the views inspiring and intriguing, and look forward to discussing them with you.