Israel Bonds

The Development Corporation for Israel, the broker-dealer and underwriter for Israel Bonds, asked TippingGardner for help with messaging and marketing. The objectives of the campaign were to appeal to younger investors and correct the misperception that they are a charitable donation rather than a debt security.

To support the new messaging and communications strategy we developed for Israel Bonds, we created online and print advertising that emphasized Israel’s role as a pioneering “start-up nation”.  As a result of the new campaign, Israel Bonds saw sales increase by 38% to over $1 billion.

As part of the Israel Bonds campaign we created a short video that told the story of Israel and how and investment in Israel Bonds is truly an investment in Israel. We used both archival footage and current images in some instances juxtaposing today's image over a historical image to reinforce the difference Israel Bond has made. We directed a local Israeli videographer remotely and shot studio video of Israel Bonds investors telling the camera the different reasons they invested in Israel Bonds.  The converging triangles graphic animated throughout the video linking it to the graphic in the banner ads we created.


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