US Tourism on the rise thanks to Brand USA

When the identity for Brand USA (formerly Corporation for Travel Promotion) was introduced in early 2012 reviews from the creative community were less than enthusiastic. But while the visual identity may not have drawn critical acclaim, it looks like the brand is working just fine, thank you.

Brand USA released preliminary results earlier this week that show travel and tourism in the US brought in 11% more revenue in the first 8 months 2012 than it did in the first 8 months of 2010.  They also shared the results of surveys conducted in Canada, the UK and Japan that showed improving feelings about traveling in the US.  Some of the results were explicitly linked to the rebrand, such the 70% of Japanese respondents who said the campaign “makes me somewhat or much more interested in traveling to the United States.” Others were just generally positive responses, calling the US “a place where you always feel welcome.”

We at TippingGardner like to remind our clients that picking an identity should not be a “beauty contest.” It should be about how well the identity fits with the strategic objectives set out at the beginning of the process. For Brand USA, there was one simple objective: increase tourism. And it looks like it is doing just that.


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