New startup ups the ante on social media

While it may not be as dramatic as using facial-recognition to find Jason Bourne on grainy airport footage, startup GazeMetrix is doing some pretty cool things with image-recognition software.

GazeMetrix’s technology can recognize objects inside an image without relying on hashtags. They have put their tech to the test scouring Instagram for well-known logos like Starbucks (1818 Mentions), Coca-Cola (215 mentions) and Corona (44 mentions).

Since the company is in its infancy, how brands would use the technology is still largely theoretical, but it is not hard to come up with practical implications. Imagine you tweet a picture that just happens to have a JCrew shopping bag in the frame. The next day you receive a promo code for 5% off your next purchase. It’s a win-win, right?

Even more intriguing, think of the implications for market research. Say a brand has a new product. They have done their research, defined their target audience, and released the product in limited markets. But when the GazeMetrix hits start coming in, the product is being used by a lot of people the company didn’t think would ever be interested. Suddenly they have a whole new direction for market expansion.

While we here at TippingGardner are not expecting to see blue TG’s popping up on GazeMetrix’s reports any time soon, we will be keeping a close eye out for some of our bigger clients. Who knows what interesting ideas we can hatch for them?


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