L’Oreal takes gaming to the Next Level

L’Oreal + Xbox = marketing innovation.

Let’s play a word association game: Xbox LIVE.

Did you just think of a 20-something year old male?  If you did you’re not alone, but you are wrong. While there is a pervasive stereotype that gaming is a “guys” thing, more and more women are diving into the online game world. According to one statistic, women make up about 40% of Xbox LIVE users. And companies like L’Oreal are taking full advantage of that opportunity.

L’Oreal is the first company to introduce a female-tailored app on the Xbox with their launch of “The Next Level,” a “one-stop beauty and style hub for women.”  In addition to how-to videos and product information, The Next level will allow users to create shopping lists and calendars and even receive beauty tips tailored to the weather that day.


What makes this innovative is not the content so much—beauty blogs and YouTube channels abound—but the delivery system. While in some ways L’Oreal’s move seem an obvious one, in many ways it is a ground-breaking one—as well as being a sign of things to come. Most likely we can expect to see an influx of Xbox apps targeting women over the coming months and years, but L’Oreal will maintain the distinction of having gotten there first.


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