Verbal Strategy

Verbal Strategy

It’s all in the tone

As a brand, you know you’re doing something right when a letter from your lawyer (your lawyer!) is so on-brand it prompts the recipient to blog, “If it wasn’t signed by some lawyer, I’d imagine ol’ Gentleman Jack penning it himself, twirling his bushy mustache.”

‘Ol Gentleman Jack’ is Jack Daniel, and the letter that started it all has been dubbed “the nicest cease and desist order of all time.” We at TippingGardner spend a lot of time helping our clients find the perfect tone of voice—and then maintain it across the hundreds of little communications that go out each day. So we know how hard it can be. And that’s why we were simply delighted to come across this little gem from the branding powerhouse Jack Daniel’s.

The Jack Daniel’s brand practically oozes Southern hospitality. Heck, their website greets you with a banner reading “We’re glad you’re here.” That is why, when it came time to ask author Patrick Wensink to stop using cover art that looked suspiciously familiar, their tone was cordial and companionable, remarking that Wensink was “a Louisville 'neighbor' and a fan of the brand.” The whole letter was spot on, perfectly capturing the genteel yet roguish air of the whiskey. Kudos from us Jack Daniel’s.


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