Intel Inside…your phone

Did you know your phone may be powered by an Intel chip, just like your laptop? Probably not, because to date cell phone branding has been limited to the phone manufacturer and the plan carrier. But Intel is looking to change that. Already implemented in the UK, Russia, and India, Intel is pushing to get the Intel Inside logo added to cell phones in the US.

Makes sense to us. After all, these days smartphones are essentially handheld computers.  As we discussed in our recent post, people are increasingly dependent on their phones for a variety of functions.  So if it is important to know that your computer is powered by Intel—if that ingredient brand is a point of differentiation that encourages consumers to choose one PC over another—why wouldn’t the same be true of a phone?

Critics warn about the “NASCAR effect”—a clutter of logos across the back of the phone—and we agree that it would get a little excessive if every brand that had a stake in the phone was displayed on the casing. There should be boundaries, but it seems to us the processing chip is a pretty major component and therefore deserving of more notice than say, an app that comes preloaded on the phone.


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