Boomers Love Beauty Brands

A new study of female boomers, courtesy of website Vibrant Nation, focused on the Internet habits of 700 readers. The study found that beauty brands were doing the best job of engaging with readers online. In the study, 78% of women reported visiting a beauty brand site in the past month.

The next most visited category, household product brands, only claimed the attention of 54% of respondents in the past month. While social media numbers were lower overall, 28% of respondents said they followed a beauty brand on Facebook or Twitter, as opposed to 19% for the next most followed category (also household product brands).

We know from past studies that boomers like to research beauty products online. It’s a one-stop shop for information about what ingredients are in products, how effective those ingredients are, and what other consumers think about the products. Olay Regenerist in particular has been called out as a beauty brand that excels at communicating with and informing boomer consumers. But this most recent study suggests that, for female boomers, brands in the beauty category are the most adept at inviting consumers to form a relationship.


The new data from this study suggests that beauty brands are finding a way to make consumers want to hear from them. And based on the Facebook pages for some top beauty brands, they are doing this with more than just news about their own products. The best brands on Facebook have a unique tone. It’s almost like checking in with a friend—‘I wonder what they have to say today?’ Posts can be fun or informational, topical, or a little bit esoteric.  What’s most important is that they are interesting to consumers, and keep them coming back for more.


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