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AdAge’s Mobile Marketing Fact Pack proves that marketing is going mobile

In case there was any question about whether you should care about mobile marketing, AdAge has just put out their first Mobile Marketing Fact Pack. (For those of you still wondering, the answer is a resounding yes.)

It looks like Mobile is poised to give traditional media a run for its money. Some interesting Facts from the Pack:

  • 52% of mobile marketers said their ROI was higher with mobile than traditional media
  • 17% of users say their phone is the main way they go online, and 84.7% say they use a web browser from their smartphone
  • In a troubling statistic for TV advertisers, smartphone users who are multi-tasking while watching TV are more likely to be doing something unrelated to what’s on the tube
    • checking their email – 52%
    • using a downloaded app – 43%
    • looking up product info for an ad on TV – 17%
    • looking up coupons/deals related to a TV ad – 12%

One statistic that was not covered, but which we at TippingGardner would be interested to learn, is what percentage of companies have a mobile-optimized site.  A quick search on the web suggests there are not nearly as many as you would expect. Maybe we all need a quick read through the Fact Pack to get those Mobile juices flowing.


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