Martyn  has overseen high-profile branding projects for clients in all major industries, all over the world. Having worked on some of the biggest corporate name changes in the 90’s (think Verizon, Accenture, and Altria), Martyn founded the company that is now TippingGardner in 2000.

Since setting up his own shop, Martyn has been fortunate enough to work with clients including Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Time Warner Cable, Johnson & Johnson, GORE-TEX®, American Express, Wachovia, Amnesty International, Rainforest Alliance, Verizon, Nokia, GE, Goldman Sachs, and Eli Lilly.

Prior to TippingGardner, Martyn was director of verbal branding at Landor Associates, New York where he led branding programs for a wide array of clients, including Delta Air Lines, United Cerebral Palsy, Motorola, Xerox, AT&T, and Ford Motor Company.

Martyn holds an MA in modern languages and social psychology from the University of Cambridge, England. He is a former faculty member at Georgetown University, where he taught brand strategy in the MBA program.